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Preschools & Nurseries

Al Carroll

Learning & Teaching Adviser

Al and Kathryn provide a range

   of  training courses and support              for early years settings. All courses can be adapted to suit the requirements of each setting.  Please see details below and then get in touch to discuss  a package or course that  would  suit you.  


Kathryn Gray

Associate Learning & Teaching Adviser

As a primary school teacher for 18 years, Al has taught a range of year groups in Lincolnshire, Peterborough and Zambia, with a particular interest and specialism in  Reception /Year 1, including leading EYFS.  More recently Al has worked as an EYFS Adviser and Profile Moderation Manager for Peterborough City Council, in the  Early Years and School Improvement Teams.  In addition to Advisory work, Al works part time at a large,local primary school as the  EYFS, Year 1 and Phonics Lead.

Kathryn was a Primary School teacher for 12 years and worked in a range of primary schools across Peterborough, specialising in teaching Reception children.  Previous to that she worked as a Nursery Nurse in a variety of Preschool and Nursery settings.

Kathryn was also a Lead Teacher in the city for Phonics, supporting teachers and nursery practitioners in delivering high quality literacy provision for children.

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Current Courses

Letters & Sounds

A 3 part course focusing on early phonics, using  Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds.  Delegates will be provided with resources to help them implement the games and activities, in their settings.

Listening, Talking & Moving

A 2 part course suitable for staff training and parent workshops.  The course focuses on early reading and writing, giving practical ideas for practitioners and parents to easily implement.  

The World Around Us

A 3 part course suitable for staff training.  The practical and fun course covers the aspects of Understanding the World, offering practitioners a range of ideas and strategies to make the most of this area of learning. 

Making Maths Matter

A 2 part course suitable for staff training and parent workshops.    Delegates will explore mathematical development in the early years and consider implications for learning environments, resources and adult support. 

Making, Doing, Using

A 2 part course suitable for staff training.   Using a range of media and materials, this course provide delegates with the opportunity to explore this area of learning and consider how to develop provision.  to more effectively support children's creativity.

What shall we put out tomorrow?  Developing Practise and provision to meet children’s needs

Good quality provision  is a fundamental part of EYFS practice and provision. This 2 part course is suitable for staff training and builds on delegates practice, exploring provision areas and effective learning within them.

'Very relaxed, informal and yet very informative and useful. can't wait to put into practice all I have learnt.' (Early Reading and Writing)


 'Thank you - this has been a fab and beneficial course.' (Early Reading and Writing)

'A fantastic session - I have looked forward to each part. So fun and engaging and the perfect environment was created for asking questions. I have gained so much and feel so inspired.' (Early Reading and Writing)


'I really enjoyed this course and it has given me a lot to think about to further support the children in this area.' (Letters and Sounds)


'Brilliant course, made fun and hands on.' (Letters and Sounds) 

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